We are proud of our selection of annuals, perennials, roses, shrubs and specialty containers at The Flower House Garden Center.

Our staff does a fantastic job of putting together both conventional and intriguing, unique combinations in planters and hanging baskets, as well as helping you design your own.

Judy loves pouring over new catalogs and researching new varieties. We carry a nice variety of the standard bedding plants such as Americana Geraniums, and Sugar Daddy Petunias, but love to spice it up with great new colors, such as Superbells Grape Punch calibrachoa, and out-of-the-ordinary varieties.

Vegetables are old, yet new. Everyone loves a tomato, but there are so many new and exciting varieties and ways to grow your own, such as in raised beds and containers. Check out our newly developed varieties for growing on your patio as well as flavorful heirlooms!

Perennials are a specialty at The Flower House Garden Center. We do our best to ensure that the species and varieties we carry are hardy in our area. As with the annuals, our selection includes a combination of tried and true varieties and new developments. Keep in mind that what survives your zone 3/4 garden may not have the same winter experience in your neighbor’s garden. That is why we push the boundaries with some plants, but not with others.

You will find a wide selection of Canadian roses (our favorites!), as well as several hydrangea varieties from which to choose. In addition, we carry a few other shrubs such as spiraea, barberry and lilacs.


2 Comments on “Plants

  1. Will you be open Saturday June 23rc in the afternoon? My parents are visiting from Connecticut and they love flowers!

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