It’s coming!

It may be white and snowy out there, but spring is right around the corner! Growing up the in the florist industry, I was conditioned that as soon as the last Valentine’s arrangement went out the door, we switched gears and started thinking about seeding peppers, planting up geraniums, taking cuttings, making sure the furnacesContinue reading “It’s coming!”

Roller Coaster Week

And we were off to the races this week! And what a week it was. Our first liners (small plants with a root ball the size of a quarter) came on a semi from California Monday morning. There were nearly 10,000 plants on that pallet and all were in beautiful condition. We were so excitedContinue reading “Roller Coaster Week”

Workshop Availability

Many of you have called for space in the Container Workshops and the Dirty Dining. While some of the sessions are full we have had quite a few cancellations. 😦 We’d love to have you come play in the dirt with us this spring! Kids, too. All of the workshops, with the exception of theContinue reading “Workshop Availability”