Things are looking up! But don’t get too excited.

What a difference a week makes in the greenhouse! While the first week in March was so frustrating, mostly due to the weather, the second week felt much more bright and cheery. 🙂

IMGP3204And all the little miracles keep popping up. Remember what these looked like a week ago?


Last week I also worried about whether Mabel would root out. Look at those tiny little roots!


And this Mabel Grey is really anxious to get growing!

mable grey

She didn’t even lose much foliage. Can’t you smell that wonderful lemon scent? Makes my mouth water just looking at this picture!


We finally got enough liners in to plant up the city hanging baskets. Kinda hard to believe that this….

Baskets Main Street 2013 (3)

will be this in a few short months!


I took a quick stroll through the display bed on Sunday. This optimistic daffodil is starting to peek through the mulch. The first break of dormancy always makes me smile!


Snow Angel heuchera is an evergreen perennial, but I’m always excited to see she made it through another winter.

As excited as I am to see these sure signs of spring, I had to pull myself up short and remember that it really is only the middle of March. It is way too early to do clean-up work in the perennial beds. I itch to cut back dead foliage, rake up the debris. As nice as our forecast is, we will still suffer from some pretty cold nights. A severe drop in temperature after perennials think summer is coming can be fatal. More perennials die from a late killing frost than from very cold January! So I am trying to be content with watching and waiting. Sigh.

Easy being green!

carts full of liners

It turned green this week! Thousands of liners came in and are waiting for transplant.

Lysimachia liners

Goldilocks Lysimachia are waiting to spill over the edge of a basket or pot.

Heuchera liners

Isn’t this color gorgeous? Proven Winners Heuchera Dolce Cinnamon Curls.

Mabel Grey

Have you ever rubbed the leaf of a lemon-scented geranium? Walk into Ruby’s House right now and that is all you smell! Jeanie has been taking cuttings and we are oh-so patiently waiting for them to root out.

Lemon Basil Seedlings

Do you sense a lemon-scented theme? The first seedlings are poking through.

Frog trio

I’m not much of a frog fan, but these little guys make me smile every time I walk by!